Digital Transformation Blueprint

Software-Defined Enterprises in Asia Pacific | An IDC InfoBrief Sponsored by Dynatrace

The 2019 IDC research sponsored by Dynatrace surveyed 1,000+ Asia Pacific businesses and looks at Asia Pacific’s Digital Transformation (DX) Maturity and the approaches that effective organisations are taking to advance their DX journeys.

Digital Transformation Blueprint

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  • Key challenges enterprises faced that’s stopping them to scale their operations and innovate at a pace faster than traditional businesses.

  • Overcoming digital deadlock using the IDC Digital Transformation blueprint for digital success.

  • Country market spotlight – Key market factors driving digital transformation and enterprise maturity in your country.

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Asia Pacific organisations are already on their digital transformation journeys, but most of them are challenged in achieving true transformations.

DX maturity

5 challenges driving Digital Deadlocks in organisations

  1. Siloed DX initiatives
  2. Silos of innovations
  3. Outdated KPIs
  4. Tactical plans
  5. Limited expertise

Digitally determined vs digitally distraught

It requires more than tenacity to become digitally determined. A group of organisations is applying a set of effective approaches to DX.

Download the complimentary report to uncover the 4 key approaches to become digitally determined and key market factors driving digital transformation and enterprise maturity across 13 Asia Pacific markets.