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Alitalia cruises to a new altitude of customer experience with Dynatrace

Dynatrace has been a fundamental part of our success story.
Roberto Tundo
Chief Information and Technology Officer, Alitalia

About Alitalia

  • Italy’s largest airline
  • 22 million passengers per year
  • 4,000 flights a week
  • Flies to 81 destinations worldwide


  • Travel

Story Snapshot

Transforming at scale
AI supports move to hybrid, multicloud environment
Improved experiences
Problems solved before they impact users
Unparalleled insight
From ability to replay users’ digital experience
Continuous optimization
AI helps to improve performance in real-time
Strategic IT operations
Shift from technology team to business enabler

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Before Dynatrace, Alitalia found its overall IT architecture was failing to support the company’s vision to be a high performer in a very competitive market. Alitalia made the decision to completely transform, shifting to a hybrid, multicloud environment so it could innovate faster and meet soaring customer expectation for great experiences.

I know exactly what’s going on in terms of customer experience. I understand the problems before the problems appear.
Roberto Tundo
Chief Information and Technology Officer, Alitalia

Why Dynatrace

  • Since its digital transformation, and with Dynatrace implemented, Alitalia now has real-time insights into customer journeys, enabling the business to anticipate problems before they occur and minimize impact to customers.
  • Dynatrace’s Session Replay capability allows Alitalia to replay customer journeys from the user perspective. This single source of truth, demonstrating what has happened, helps align the business and IT so they can work towards improving conversions, reducing negative experiences, and optimizing entire journeys.
  • Alitalia says that Dynatrace has been instrumental in enabling the company to change its reputation from being known as “Always late in take-off always late in arrival” to being known as one of the most punctual airlines in the world.
Thanks to Dynatrace, other partners, and our business colleagues, Alitalia is the first airline in the world in terms of punctuality
Roberto Tundo
Chief Information and Technology Officer, Alitalia

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