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“With Dynatrace, finding a problem only takes us minutes to identify, saving us precious time and resources.”
Eugenia Gillan, VP Engineering at ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo provides actionable business-to-business (B2B) contact and company intelligence through its Growth Acceleration Platform, an on-demand, continuously updated database. The platform enables sales and marketing teams to execute more effective marketing campaigns, improve sales prospecting efforts and subsequently help organizations accelerate growth and profitability.


ZoomInfo’s customer base was increasing and with their business growth came the need for technology growth. They noticed the way their customers were using their platform was changing. As a result, customer satisfaction became a top priority at ZoomInfo as customers rely on their data for business. Downtime was not an option. It was important for ZoomInfo to understand where their resource bottlenecks are so they could invest in scaling appropriately and cost effectively.


ZoomInfo began looking for an APM tool and quickly realized what they really needed was a root-cause analysis solution. It became clear to them quickly that Dynatrace was simply the best solution on the market.


Dynatrace was chosen for its superior performance monitoring capabilities to not only automatically discover and locate performance issues, but understand the root cause of problems and proactively address them in real-time. With Dynatrace, ZoomInfo could automatically map out application problems to identify risk areas immediately.

Understanding the root cause is so important for businesses as nobody wants to waste time and resources on the wrong targets. For John Robinson, IT Architect at ZoomInfo, every minute not spent trying to find out what the problem is, is a minute the problem doesn’t exist for their customers and that’s a really big deal.

"We chose Dynatrace over New Relic and other companies because it allowed us to identify and get in front of performance issues more quickly and efficiently," said Robinson. "Our customers trust us and depend on our database to perform at a certain level. With Dynatrace, we can be more agile, proactive, and address issues before they ever reach our customers. This saves us valuable time and resources while also maintaining our brand value."

Dynatrace Dynatrace ability to auto-detect connections between ZoomInfo’s systems was also a deciding factor for the company in evaluating solutions. Currently deployed on the majority of ZoomInfo’s production servers, Dynatrace automated full stack discovery and auto-detection capabilities make it possible for ZoomInfo’s IT team to understand and address issues, allowing the company to focus its time and energy on improving their customers’ user experience.

"At ZoomInfo, we haven’t had a whole lot of incidents that caused real end user impact and a lot of that reason is because we have Dynatrace", said Robinson.

ZoomInfo plans to expand their implementation of Dynatrace across their entire portfolio.

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