Royal Caribbean: Re-inventing the cruise industry with Dynatrace


Royal Caribbean International


About Royal Caribbean

  • Cruise line brand calling at over 1,000 destinations
  • Operates 25 ships and five additional ships on order
  • Royal Caribbean has 21.9% of the worldwide cruise market
  • Carried over 5m passengers in 2017



Digital touchpoints add complexity

Known as an innovator within the cruise line industry, Royal Caribbean has a long history of using technology to put the customer first. Whether it’s robotic bartenders, onboard surf simulators or the booking experience, Royal Caribbean knows that delivering a seamless customer experience is a key differentiator.

However, with an increasing number of digital touchpoints across the user journey from device-to-device and shore-to-ship complexity was increasing in Royal Caribbean’s enterprise cloud environment. Royal Caribbean was using synthetic monitoring, but this wasn’t giving it the in depth information it wanted about every use journey.



Customer experience becomes plain sailing

Royal Caribbean looked at a number of traditional monitoring tools and either found that they didn’t provide the detailed insights it craved or simply couldn’t cope with the complexity of its enterprise cloud environment. This is when it turned to Dynatrace and selected it software intelligence platform to provide the end-to-end visibility needed to deliver seamless user experiences. However, Dynatrace not only provides deep insight into every stage of the customer journey. It’s AI engine, Davis, surfaces root cause analysis, ensuring Royal Caribbean can remediate any issues in its cloud environment before customers are impacted.

"Royal Caribbean’s customer facing applications depend heavily on dozens of enterprise cloud systems," commented Carlos Gutierrez-Menoyo, Manager for E-Commerce and Operations at Royal Caribbean International. "Dynatrace does a really good job of simplifying our complex infrastructure and making it something that's easy to visualize, easy to understand, and more importantly easy to triage or improve."

Royal Caribbean International

Dynatrace does a really good job of simplifying our complex infrastructure and making it something that's easy to visualize, easy to understand, and more importantly easy to triage or improve.”
Carlos Gutierrez-Menoyo, Manager of eCommerce Operations at Royal Caribbean International



Life with Dynatrace

Dynatrace is playing a major role in enabling Royal Caribbean to disrupt the industry. By leveraging Dynatrace’s automated, All-in-one platform, Royal Caribbean is able to weed out issues early in the customer journey, minimize downtime and deliver the best possible user experiences no matter where customers are in their journey.

  • Deeper, automated visibility – Dynatrace provides automated insight across the full stack of components and dependencies in Royal Caribbean’s environment, ultimately reducing IT complexity.
  • Faster innovation – Leveraging Dynatrace in lower environments before putting products in production not only allows Royal Caribbean to deliver more stable product releases and customer experiences, but ultimately enables faster innovation.
  • AI-powered customer experience – The Dynatrace AI enables Royal Caribbean to make the right decision for the customer, faster.
  • Improved productivity – According to Royal Caribbean, Dynatrace has changed the way its IT team works. Rather than being very reactive and wasting time on bug fixes, the team is able to understand the root cause of a problem and fix it faster. This means that they can spend more time informing the development of new products to help optimize the customer experience.

"Royal Caribbean has proven time and time again to be innovative leaders using technology to improve the guest experience, and Dynatrace’s software monitoring and intelligence really helps us do that. Since moving to the Dynatrace platform we've benefited from a 66 percent reduction in resolution time for production issues. Dynatrace make our lives a lot less stressful. There's really no more need for that 4 a.m. conference call," Gutierrez-Menoyo concludes.

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