Kroger reaps the rewards of utilizing AI to drive cloud innovation



About Kroger

Kroger is an American retail company and is the US’ largest supermarket chain, serving nearly 9 million customers a day in 35 states and the District of Columbia.

Kroger went on a transformation journey five years ago, starting from scratch and reinventing the company by taking an aggressive approach to changing their digital business, in order to compete in the highly populated retail market. The cloud played a key part in this transformation.




Before Dynatrace, Kroger spent too much time focused on finding and fixing problems in their complex IT environment, internal teams were speaking different languages, and working from different data to resolve common problems. Kroger’s aggressive digital transformation path required the most progressive cloud technologies and a monitoring solution that could keep pace with its sprawling IT ecosystem and rapid pace of innovation to satisfy customers.



Why Dynatrace

  • Dynatrace’s software intelligence platform has changed the way the Kroger team works. They no longer manually set up alerts or maintain 15 different agents. Their sprawling teams use one solution to understand and gain full visibility into their IT environment.
  • With a full stack, All-in-one solution Kroger is now moving fast - digital teams are empowered to innovate at a rapid pace, are finding new ways to better their products and services, and spend far less time worrying about mundane fixes – DevOps is humming at Kroger!
  • Utilizing the Dynatrace ONE Premium services offering, Kroger has enhanced its teams’ capabilities even further by taking part in hour long training sessions and using the live chat service to better the way they work.

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