KeyBank on the path to autonomous cloud operations

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Financial Services

About KeyBank

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, KeyBank is one of the United States’ largest regional banks. KeyBank's customer base spans retail, small business, corporate, and investment clients.

With the continued growth in digital banking and emergence of new competitors such as challenger banks and Fintechs, KeyBank was constantly looking for new ways to improve products and services and enhance the customer experience.




Prior to Dynatrace, KeyBank relied on multiple monitoring solutions to gain visibility into its complex hybrid cloud environment, built on a mix of in-house technologies and third-party platforms such as Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. But different tools meant different data sets, teams working in silos, a lack of visibility into customer facing problems and an inefficiency in operations.



Why Dynatrace

  • With Dynatrace, KeyBank was able to consolidate multiple monitoring tools to obtain a single view, eliminating siloes and ensuring everyone is working to a common vision.
  • Dynatrace has been purpose built for the cloud, enabling KeyBank to make sense of its complex hybrid cloud environment and providing end-to-end visibility across the full stack – from infrastructure performance to end-user experience.
  • With its end-to-end monitoring and advanced automation capabilities, Dynatrace is helping to speed up KeyBank’s deployment cycle, providing visibility into how new services and features perform, and enabling it to roll them back instantly if problems are identified.
  • With AI at its core, Dynatrace is helping KeyBank get on the path to autonomous cloud operations, allowing DevOps teams to create an unbreakable software delivery pipeline that enables faster innovation and improved product quality that enhances customer experience.

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