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About Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line is an international cruise line, headquartered in Doral, Florida. Carnival is the largest cruise line in the world, carrying millions of passengers each year on 26 vessels operating worldwide to destinations including Europe, the USA and Australia.




Before Dynatrace, Carnival had been using multiple legacy monitoring solutions, but none were providing the visibility it needed into its cloud environment; instead flooding the team with alerts and false positives. With annual revenues exceeding $10 billion, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the cruise industry’s total revenue, and 1 in 4 customer reservations made through its website, digital performance is a business-critical priority for Carnival.



Why Dynatrace

  • With Dynatrace, Carnival was able to consolidate multiple monitoring tools to obtain a single view of the truth, which allows IT teams to see and act upon performance problems in real-time.
  • Dynatrace’s AI eliminates false positives, so Carnival’s IT teams remain focussed on critical business metrics like conversions, rather than mining through alerts.
  • Dynatrace’s zero-configuration and auto-instrumentation capabilities futureproof scalability, so Carnival can continue migrating applications to the cloud without the fear of blind-spots emerging in more dynamic environments.
  • Dynatrace enables Carnival to test the performance of new builds and measure them against baselines for prior builds, allowing the team to deploy with confidence and accelerate the speed of innovation.

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