Administration / Sao Paulo, Brazil

This position is related to the Brazilian Government Apprentice Program. The apprentice must be enrolled in a specific course provided by SENAC (, that intends to teach Business Administration (focusing on concepts of HR, Admin, Finance areas). The course was developed to attend teenagers and the idea is to offer them the possibility to enter the work market, attending this specific SENAC course and working in a company simultaneously. The employment agreement will be valid for the time it takes SENAC course to be delivered (around 1 year and 5 months).

As this position is supposed to offer the first opportunity for teenagers to start their professional life, no previous experience is required. However, we are looking for positive aptitude, desire to learn and develop oneself, besides determination and persistency.  

A Dynatraceé líder e pioneira em "Digital Performance Management". Por isso, tem sido a parceira de negócios #1 para gerenciamento de desempenho digital, oferecendo experiências notáveis com performance de aplicações! Um novo tipo de cliente surgiu na era digital e a necessidade de as organizações oferecerem uma excelente experiência ao cliente é agora uma prioridade.   A Dynatrace entende as necessidades do mercado e se dedica a formas inovadoras de tornar seus clientes bem sucedidos hoje e no futuro.  

Dynatrace is a multinational IT company that delivers perfect digital experiences to its customers through AI-powered, full stack, automated performance management. Dynatrace gives customers the application insights they need to achieve digital success.

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