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A Services Architect is a key member of the team responsible for delivering Dynatrace Services, focused on enabling our customers to take control of performance management of mission critical applications in full stack and Cloud based environments. The key function of this role is safeguarding the success of enterprise level Dynatrace adoption and providing the technical leadership for the regional services organization.

The Services Architect role is a senior technical level position in Dynatrace. Successful candidates will have years of experience in managing new technical adoption engagements, from planning the architecture, to leading the implementation and driving the adoption. A Services Architect will have a technical background with a strong business and IT process experience and will be intuitive problem solvers comfortable in complex environments, desiring a wide variety of challenges. The Services Architect must have a strong understanding of appropriate technologies (as described in the skills and experience section). Interactions with the business, developers, architects, and business analysts require mastery of this knowledge along with the ability to communicate clearly, credibly, and confidently.

As a Dynatrace Services Architect, demonstrable application of project management, troubleshooting, strategy determination and general management and people skills are expected. A Services Architect must be a leader who is self-driven, keeping current with relevant industry trends such as full stack, cloud, big data, mobile apps, etc as well agile, DevOps and ITIL equivalents. Ability to communicate clearly, professionally, and an outstanding communicator in English.

Engagement Activities

  • Following are examples of Dynatrace services engagement activities in which the Services Architect will participate, they are split into two categories, solution and technical.

  • Solution – Enterprise Dynatrace Adoption:
  • Partner with customers to define and scope of a Dynatrace enablement goals, objectives, tasks and KPIs using the Goal Led Methodology.
  • Serve as subject matter expert on Dynatrace and industry techniques and best practices. This is beyond simply sharing product knowledge; it requires relevant industry skills and knowledge
  • Define and guide customers into the creation and development of a Centre of Excellence with specific focus on culture, strategy, people, process as well as technology
  • Routinely identify key “Business Modeling” integration opportunities, especially around ACM related topics, with focus into embedding within current and new processes. Guide customers in the development and implementation of these initiatives
  • Build relationships that support the successful adoption and integration of Dynatrace throughout the application lifecycle alongside the ACM journey.
  • Act as Program Manager in the management of ongoing delivery engagements, guiding and supporting both the customer and Dynatrace resources
  • Document and package field experiences for the benefit of the customer as well as the rest of the Dynatrace Services team
  • Influence the program strategy to gain 'buy-in' and build confidence; from stakeholders, program boards and executive teams as well as the program team.
  • Effectively manage team relationships and promote cross-functional collaboration

  • Technical:
  • Routinely participate in project scoping, product architectural deployment design, and product deployment sizing
  • Assist Sales and SEs as required during the presales process for scoping, sizing, and design activities
  • Use Dynatrace (especially immediately after installation) to find and point out obvious application anti-patterns and other low-hanging fruit for those great “WoW!” moments
  • Define and deliver education sessions focused on Dynatrace software and ACM enablement 

Professional Development

  • Maintain ongoing release-readiness training as assigned
  • Gain deep knowledge of product internals in support of installation design and execution
  • Build portfolio of successful performance analysis and triage engagements
  • Build portfolio of large-scale and complex product installation and implementation designs
  • Build a Master status on online Dynatrace Community and Forums
  • Make continued progress on presentation skills and product live-demo skills
  • Become expert at account management skills
  • Grow professional network within Services team, SE, Support, Product Management, etc.
  • Remain up-to-date with relevant industry application trends and technologies such as cloud-based delivery, full stack, big data, mobile apps, etc.

  • Technology directly related to Dynatrace product
    Technology and platforms monitored by Dynatrace product

  • Remain up-to-date with business-oriented concepts including DevOps, NoOps etc.
  • Innovate in new models of collaboration where each team member can leverage the specific strengths of others without fear of recrimination or pointing fingers

Skills and Experience

  • Good project management knowledge with the understanding of different methodologies
  • Able to formulate program strategies by evaluating options with a clear sense of the key priorities and risks. Manage information from multiple parallel work streams and integrate them to form an overall view
  • Capability to simplify the complex technical issues and tailor key for the relevant stakeholder groups
  • Ability to manage conflicting demands to achieve common goals with a ‘one team’ perspective
  • A good understanding of business challenges within an organisation and how to overcome these challenges
  • Knowledge of mapping business goals to IT requirements
  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, or a related technical discipline, or equivalent work experience
  • Ability to write or contribute to technical forums, white papers, and blogs
  • Years consulting experience with application-focused software requiring interactions outside of the data center (other APM tools; large packaged apps; not simply infrastructure). Clear examples of being self-directed and having managed all aspects of consulting and delivery engagements required
  • Broad understanding of, and hands-on experience with, applications based on managed code application environments including specifically JEE, Microsoft .NET, Cloud, Ansible and Kubernetes.
  • Solid understanding of the application life cycle, and how Dynatrace adds value at each stage
  • Inherent and proven problem-solving nature, with an engaged, self-motivated, can-do attitude
  • Ability to communicate with multiple groups within an enterprise that may or may not have the same goals
  • Comfortable taking educated risks as warranted, with the experience to know when that is
  • Say what you mean and do what you say. Be honest, decisive and consistent
  • Proven ability to lead, to inspire, motivate, mentor and be approachable

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