C++ Software Engineer - Agent Installation & Deployment Team

Development / Gdansk, Poland

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Are you ready to work on an innovative product that helps companies worldwide build better and faster applications? Are you up to the challenge of developing new features that automate and ensure the reliability of OneAgent deployments? Would you like to write software that interacts closely with the operating system?

If yes, we may have an opportunity for you.

About the team

First of all, at Dynatrace and our team in particular, me make the work on installation exciting[OJ1] ! We develop plenty of cool features: non-root mode for Linux, agent deployment via container, agent self-diagnostic mechanism. Even the maintenance workload is an opportunity to shine with your analytical thinking and refactoring skills - we often resolve issues by reworking what was previously implemented in a suboptimal way. We don't do first-line support, but we sometimes assist and share our expertise with the support team.

Our team develops and maintains components related to the deployment, installation, and update of the Dynatrace OneAgent. We work with various Linux distributions, Windows, and AIX, writing native code in C++, Shell script-based installer and   container image, and an MSI package. A fair part of Dynatrace relies on the components we provide, especially the Watchdog. Our team’s work is crucial for delivery of an exceptional ease-of-deployment experience to our customers, which is one of the major differentiators of our product. We have also released our own Docker image that has hit 10M+ downloads!

Our users build the most complex and varied environments. This gives us a unique opportunity to develop a deep understanding of operating system internals and enhance our problem-solving skills. Our goal is to ensure an impeccable first-time experience for our users. After all, among all the features Dynatrace provides, the installer is used by each and every one. We pay particular attention to quality, reliability, maintainability, and robustness. We discuss our code daily and learn from each other. Code reviews are opportunities to learn, not just yet another necessary evil.

Your role in the team

You will develop OneAgent installation, automatic update, and Watchdog components. You will implement new features and continuously make sure the installation is secure and stable. Installation is often the first touchpoint for Dynatrace users, and you will help us keep this experience exquisite. Our users love the reliability and automation of the solutions we provide, and as an AID team member, you will make it happen.

You'll have the opportunity to:

  • Write high-quality code in C++14, Shell, and Python.
  • Broaden your operating systems expertise.
  • Work with the newest containerization technologies.
  • Implement clever ideas to automate our installation and deployment process.
  • Familiarize yourself with the OS security mechanisms.

Want to join the deployment experts club? We expect from you:

  • Practical experience in writing robust and well-designed code.
  • Highly developed problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Very good communication skills in English.
  • Familiarity with Windows Installer, containerization technologies, or software installation packages is a plus.
  • DevOps or sysadmin experience is welcome.

We offer two paths, depending on your skillset:

  • C++ expert willing to expand into the area of scripting and close interaction with the OS. In addition to the previous requirements, you also need to be proficient in C++.
  •  Linux or Windows expert with good scripting skills and basic command of C++, willing to learn the language. In addition, you must have a good command of Shell scripting or Python, and expertise in the operating system mechanisms, as well as the operating system APIs.

Recruitment process

  • Step 1: Send us your job application
  • Step 2: We invite you to a personal meeting with us.
  • Step 3: You meet with Development Lead and team members to talk about your experience, technical skills, and English communication skills
  • Step 4: You meet with a Development Lead and HR representative to sign your contract. Congratulations and welcome to the Dynatrace Team!


  • Software Engineer: 6,5k - 11k PLN gross per month
  • Mid Software Engineer: 8,5k - 15k PLN gross per month
  • Senior Software Engineer: 12k - 22k PLN gross per month

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