Angular Software Engineer with Java - Core UI Team

Development / Gdansk, Poland

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What we expect from you
Experience with web development of user-facing interfaces;
Practical knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5;
Working knowledge of Java;
Hands-on knowledge of tools and techniques helping to write high quality code;
Ability to complete assigned tasks independently and as a part of a team;
Very good communication skills in English;
Appetite for working with highly scalable web applications with cutting-edge user interface.

Highly beneficial
Experience in working with GWT (Google Web Toolkit);
Comfortable with using and writing REST based interfaces;
Experience in using popular libraries like: Apache Commons, Google Guava, JUnit, Mockito.

About your team
We are responsible for features that are used across the product, providing tools and solutions for every other UI team. Sounds hard-core, doesn’t it? Apart from that we also create the specific, a little bit crazy atmosphere that makes us enjoy our work even more. 

What’s our stuff Some of us write perfect Java 8 streams, while others are not afraid to admit that they see a difference between turquoise and blue (in the RGB code, but still…) 

Some of us love to work on super spruce, high quality shared UI components library, while others never stop optimizing the usability and experience of our workflows. 

Some of us love chasing pixels in CSS with our Particularly Meticulous Product Manager, while others prefer to write new base features to be used by all other UI teams. Some of us see real beauty in pretty, pixel-perfect handcrafted screen, while others claim that beauty is more than meets the eye, especially when digging into stack traces from customer’s exceptions. Some of us think that supporting IE11 is a nightmare, while others know it’s only because they haven’t tried debugging the Chrome on iOS just yet. Some of us use Java to write models, views, and presenters in GWT, while others claim that something that is transpiled to JavaScript must not be named, the same as the language they use to write REST interfaces. Some of us regularly use CSS-tricks, while others regularly practice their CS:S skills. 

Some of us use modern IDE like IntelliJ IDEA, while others use a more mature one – how does it go? emacs? Eclipse? whatever… Some of us turn coffee into code, while others… well… no-one’s perfect. 

How do we work Together. We see ourselves as a team and try to help each other to achieve common goals. Nobody's perfect but together we run the world! Diversely. Every one of us is different, every task provides other challenges. Mostly with passion, sometimes with some dose of irritation (while chasing pixels or supporting IE11). Most importantly: we work having fun all the time. There is no space for boredom! 

What makes us unique If you still need the answer for that question, you weren't reading attentively... ;) 

If asked, we present ourselves as the special assignment UI team, dealing with everything UI-related that other teams can’t cope with. It’s (probably) the best job in the world! Come and try us, we bet you’ll call us truly unique. BTW we’re making bets all the time – that’s also kind of unique :) 

Well, we’re just (Hard)Core UI team!

Recruitment process

Step 1: You send your job application 
Step 2: We invite you to a personal meeting with us.
Step 3: You meet with Development Lead and team members to talk about your experience, technical skills and English communication skills
Step 4: You meet with Development Lead and HR representative to sign your contract. Congratulations, welcome to the Dynatrace Team!


Software developer
6,5k - 11k PLN
gross per month

Mid Software developer
8,5k - 15k PLN
gross per month

Senior Software developer
12k - 22k PLN
gross per month

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