Gain some extra points for the recruitment process

Technology / Gdansk, Poland

What we do here in Gdansk focuses on APM (Application Performance Management). 

Curious if assuring performance is your kind of thing? Here’s a way to find out and gain some extra points in the recruitment process. Complete this task and we’ll be impressed:
Pick a technology used in web applications development.
Figure out what's worth looking at from the application performance point of view.
Think of some performance metrics. Write a script (python would be nice) or program (java/c++) that collects your metrics every minute and stores them for some period of time.
Add a CSV export capability, present the results in a spread sheet or even present as a chart on a web page.
Be ready to answer questions about the implementation and your choice of metrics.

If you decide to go for it, a github URL is enough for us.
Good luck.

Recruitment process

Step 1: You send your job application 
Step 2: We invite you to a personal meeting with us.
Step 3: You meet with Development Lead and team members to talk about your experience, technical skills and English communication skills
Step 4: You meet with Development Lead and HR representative to sign your contract. Congratulations, welcome to the Dynatrace Team!


Software developer
6,5k - 11k
gross per month

Mid Software developer
8,5k - 15k
gross per month

Senior Software developer
12k - 22k
gross per month

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