Java Software Engineer - Log Analytics Team

Development / Gdansk, Poland

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We have quite a few agents in the field. Care to become one? Ready for a mission impossible? We are!

Do you have a need for speed?
‎Are you ready to change the wor(l)d order?
Would you be able to resist memory corruption?
Then come and meet with us.

We're looking for people who have the drive for performance. Driver's license optional. Don't worry, we'll get you up to speed in no time.
Remember Agent Smith? He was virtually everywhere! So are our agents! Installed on tens of thousands of hosts, they provide limitless data while we contextualize it with log files!

What your role will be?
You'll be working with our finest agents, such as Cassandra and Lucene. They'll save your skin when things get hot. You'll be provided the best tools of the trade such as Idea IntelliJ, Java 8, ElasticSearch, AWS, and other cloud technologies; GWT and Angular if you feel good working on the front end. Sometimes you have to stick to the protocol; other times you develop your own. Be ready to collect and process intelligence coming from Syslog, Windows journals, Docker, Tomcat, and various others. If you're a fan of the matrix screensaver, you'll have the opportunity to work with the Linux console, though we mostly develop on Windows if that suits your taste. If "From the Gradle to the grave" is your motto, good news - it's here as well.

You'll have the opportunity to:
Extend some of our finest solutions regarding the compression and storage of significant amounts of log data
Process, parse, and cluster various log formats to provide the best business intelligence on the market
Automate anomaly discovery based on log file content
Work with cloud technologies such as AWS and CloudFoundry
Evaluate and scale performance in environments running thousands of agents
That and much more awaits you in a highly motivated, end-to-end (C++, Java) team, where you'll find interplatform challenges and get to see the real effects of your work!

What do we expect from you?
Excellent Java programming skills
Experience in distributed and multi-tier web applications
Ability to perceive tasks from a global end-to-end perspective - providing deliverable functionality
Comfort with using and writing REST-based interfaces
Knowledge of test design and execution using JUnit
Very good communication skills in English
‎Familiarity with Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Lucene, GWT, and Angular (2+) is a plus

What makes us unique?
Our team strives to make log analysis more approachable than our competition. We're focused on making it better and more automatic than anyone else's. That's how we developed unique solutions such as intelligent date detection; a clever way of processing logs in C++ while feeding them to our Java server; and a protocol for sending and storing log files, even after they have been deleted from the host. All of that makes our daily job a never-ending challenge. We are an end-to-end team and we’re totally independent. We solve problems throughout the product and are able to see the results of our work. That requires us to know the whole processing path, from the moment the agent notices something to the point where it lands in the Dynatrace UI. This offer will automatically be deleted when you read the last sentence. We're waiting for you!

Recruitment process

Step 1: You send your job application 
Step 2: We invite you to a personal meeting with us.
Step 3: You meet with Development Lead and team members to talk about your experience, technical skills and English communication skills
Step 4: You meet with Development Lead and HR representative to sign your contract. Congratulations, welcome to the Dynatrace Team!

Optional Step 0: Gain extra points for the recruitment process.


Software developer
6,5k - 11k PLN
gross per month

Mid Software developer
8,5k - 15k PLN
gross per month

Senior Software developer
12k - 22k PLN
gross per month

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