Senior Software Engineer (Java) Master Data Cruncher

Development / Barcelona, Spain

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Java has evolved tremendously in the past few years especially in performance and scale for large scale data processing.

Are you checking your patterns for data processing efficiency?

Are you going over and over the code to check for thread safety?

Do you use 'finally' much or debate it?

Are you having fun squeezing the maximum out of GC, experimenting the data structures to get max performance?

Can't wait to use J9 modules and testing how the new linker gets you more juice?

We are crunching data for a living at Dynatrace and offer a vast playground for those having fun with it.

If you like to quickly hack something together to try out things ('just gimme a minute') but at the same time are also keen to write super robust production code that never breaks ('not on my shift'), we would be interested to meet you.
If you have fun looking at complex interconnected technologies, solving nontrivial problems in an innovative, elegant way, or sifting through very high dimensional data and displaying it such that it remains intuitive, we want to meet you even more.
We love to learn from you as we hope you would like to learn what we have to offer.

What we do in Barcelona New LAB

Session Replay which allows organizations to play back unique web or mobile sessions in a “movie-like” experience, providing an end-to-end record of the customer journey from the user’s perspective. Session Replay joins Dynatrace’s Real User and Synthetic Monitoring capabilities to extend the company’s all-in-one digital experience management offering.

Your role in the team

  • Backend and API development in Java
  • Conception of new innovative Features in close cooperation with product managers and software architects
  • Close interaction in an international development team

We expect

  • Several years of experience as a Software Engineer, with in-depth knowledge of java libraries, for back-end processing and API design.
  • Proven track record in building software, getting projects completed and into production
  • Passion and pride for what you do
  • A healthy amount of curiosity, having fun in learning new technologies and tools
  • Team player with a solid level of quality and pride in your own work, responsible and self sufficient
  • Taking beers with the team (just sometimes...)

You will love working with us if

  • you want to know and use the latest cutting-edge technologies.
  • agile development and teamwork using Scrum is a given for you.
  • you like to have fun also at work and are self-motivated.
  • like to bring in new ideas and to convince others to build .

We offer competitive salaries depending on your experience, health insurance, merit based salary increase and more.

We look forward to your application! Do you want to level up? Apply

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