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Dynatrace is fully integrated with a wide range of Atlassian products, providing easy access to the information you really need.

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When Dynatrace detects a problem, a Jira ticket is automatically created with all the information you need to get started quickly. From the Jira ticket, your DevOps teams can easily identify the status of a given problem and whether a root cause was detected. Dynatrace tells you at a glance how many components are impacted and which tags are assigned to the impacted components. All information is kept in sync so your teams can jump back and forth between Dynatrace and Jira with a click. Therefore the integration of Atlassian Jira allows you to handle and fix problems faster.

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Dynatrace integrates with Atlassian JIRA


HipChat can be extended with a sidebar that allows you to show a list of current open Dynatrace Problems. When your DevOps team is working on an issue in HipChat, Dynatrace can pull up a sorted list, showing open problems on the top. The list also allows teams to directly jump into the Dynatrace Problem Details by clicking on the Dynatrace Problem Title.

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Automatic root cause analysis


Everything in Trello is organized in cards. These cards show the details about tasks and stories or bugs your team must solve. Connect your Dynatrace monitoring environment with your Trello board and directly push Dynatrace discovered problems into a specified list.

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Alerts via Atlassian Trello.


Dynatrace as the most advanced monitoring platform perfectly integrates into any continuous deployment pipeline by providing real-time feedback about all deployed project artefacts. The combination with Atlassian Bitbucket can help in your IT environment a lot. No matter if your Bitbucket pipeline triggered a load test or just deployed a new project artefact into production, Dynatrace immediately provides the real-time monitoring data.

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Bitbucket pipelines in the Dynatrace environment.

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