Dynatrace Digital Experience Insights

Get a specific, personalized evaluation of your digital experience environment along with clear direction on how to instantly improve—all in one easy package.

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Direction, leadership and expertise

Digital Experience Insights takes the challenges and complexity out of your digital enterprise with:

  • Best practices in digital experience for measurement setup and ongoing management
  • Daily email and monthly Insight reports – for meaningful, actionable direction
  • Daily triage and expertise on-demand with more expert eyes on your site

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The score summary table provides a heat map of issues across your measurement, quickly bubbling up where focus is needed. In this example, you can see that the View Cart Page is underperforming, followed by Home.

Advantage: Insights

Build a truly integrated digital business faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Discover your hidden potential today with Insights.

  • Fits Your Specific Needs

    • Sized according to your measurement requirements—no hourly rates
  • Easy to Manage and Buy

    • Single, 12-month price with no automatic overage penalties
    • Meet/coordinate according to your schedule and needs
  • Instant Expertise with Detailed Analysis

    • Actionable recommendations based on proven best practices
    • Instant access to world-class experts

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Looking at the key performance metrics (First Paint, Interactive, End-to-End) over time shows you where things are improving or degrading and spotlights customer impact.

Digital experience: data to action

Get recommendations and direction from both the real user experience and proactive user experience data from synthetic monitoring. With Insights you have the full perspective to move to next steps.

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“Digital Experience Insights is the main reason we chose Dynatrace. It’s a real differentiator.”
Kerry Sikora, Senior Manager, Customer Experience Analytics, T-Mobile

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