It’s been about two months since ruxit launched into the market, and I’m pleased to report that we have seen some incredible growth. In just one month, over 1,000 users, ranging from large media properties to smaller startups, signed up to use our artificial intelligence-based performance monitoring and analytics solution to solve their most complex application issues.

ruxit has helped companies solve problems ranging from small issues involving 20 entities to large distributed problem scenarios in cross-location clouds with over 100 failing entities. All of our users are cloud natives who are drawn to ruxit’s innovative approach — analyzing hundreds of millions of application dependencies instantly to detect and provide a path to resolution for issues. ruxit works in real-time, monitoring everything from the infrastructure and cloud layer, all the way up to real users’ browser interactions.

Customers Love Us

Specifically, we’re seeing customers migrate to ruxit because it provides a more holistic view of an application and its surrounding environment than other tools. Customers used to have to use a range of tools like Pingdom for real user monitoring, New Relic for application performance monitoring, and Boundary for network monitoring. With ruxit, our customers can do everything with one tool, and they don’t have to deal with an endless stream of unspecific alerts.

Teams also benefit from automatic problem analysis with ruxit’s smartscape technology, showing users a full view of the problem and illustrating how applications, processes and servers work together. Users can also see a real-time map of a problem’s progress since its origin, as well as a suggested resolution. ruxit is also much more flexible than our competitors like New Relic, because we have a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which lets companies scale for large environments and also provides the flexibility needed for small (even one-person) startups.

Corporate Growth

With this success, our team is expanding as well. We have 100 engineers, AI specialists, and mathematicians on staff, we continue to add 10 new employees monthly. ruxit team members focus specifically on cloud and SaaS environments, and have built the only monitoring solution that uses AI to solve problems, instead of serving up more charts and big data than teams can manage.
I look forward to what the future holds for ruxit. Bring on the next 1,000!