Support for WebSphere PMI monitoring

Ruxit now supports IBM WebSphere Application Server PMI metrics. You’ll find PMI metrics in the Further Details section of each WebSphere Processes details page. As of Ruxit Agent 1.95, Ruxit automatically monitors session and request metrics for all deployed applications running on IBM WebSphere. Ruxit also lists and monitors all available JDBC connection pools on your WebSphere Application Servers. Last but not least, Ruxit also monitors all WebSphere Application Server… read more

Hunting an Oracle JDBC Memory Leak Crashing an 80JVM WebSphere Cluster

Are you prematurely restarting JVMs to keep them from running out of memory? Or have you received the recommendation from your application experts to just “increase the Java Heap Space?” The following memory chart shows the memory consumption of 10 JVMs (4.1GB Heap each) per Host on an 8 machine cluster. The JVMs kept running out of memory, crashing with Out Of Memory Exceptions and sometimes even bringing the whole… read more

100% Performance Overhead by WebSphere Activity Log: When Dev is Not Aware of Settings in Production

The potential overhead and performance impact of log outputs has been discussed in several of our previous blog posts. In this new case we came across a severe response time impact on WebSphere caused by incorrect usage of a global shared logging service. The following two graphs show average and maximum response time of one of our customer’s key online service pages. Spikes up to 500s (for one… read more

Best Practices to Optimize Performance in eCommerce Production Environments: A Customer Perspective

Next Wednesday, May 25th at Noon ET / 9AM PT I am happy to host another Best Practice Webinar with one of our customers. Dan Gerard, Divisional Vice President of Technical and Web Services at The Bon Ton Stores and I will talk about the challenges of optimizing performance in their WebSphere Commerce production site. We will focus on common WebSphere problem patterns and Dan will show how… read more