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Inside the Black Box Part 4 – Perl

The fourth and, for now, final topic of the black box series brings us to Perl. For people interested in the first part, generated code, please click here, for the second part, Python, please click here and for the third part, VBScript, please click here. Perl was the first of the ADK wrappers created for the series, but due to time constraints I didn’t manage to clean it… read more

Data Driven Performance Problems are Not Always Related to Hibernate

Update Jan 21, 2016: You can now test all this on your own application FOR FREE – FOR LIFE. Get your Dynatrace Personal License and Watch our YouTube Tutorials Data-driven performance problems are not new. But most of the time it’s related to too much data queried from the database. O/R mappers like Hibernate have been a very good source for problem pattern blog posts in the past. read more

.NET and SharePoint Performance: Don’t let Default Settings Ruin Your End User Experience

Update Nov 27, 2014: Just posted this YouTube video that shows how to easily identify top SharePoint Performance Problems: SharePoint Performance Analysis in 15 Minutes SharePoint is a popular choice for intranet applications and therefore it is important that it performs well to ensure employee productivity. Waiting ten seconds just to load the initial dashboard doesn’t necessarily support that. At a recent customer engagement we identified an interesting… read more

eCommerce Business Impact of 3rd Party Address Validation Service

Are you running an eCommerce site that relies on 3rd Party Services such as Address-Validation, Credit Card Authorization or Mapping Services? Do you know how fast, reliable and accurate these service calls (free or charged) are for your web site? Do you know whether it has an impact on your end users in case one of these services is not available or returns wrong data? End User and Business Impact… read more

Application Performance and Architectural Problems You can Find in One Hour

When we get engaged with prospects that are interested in our performance management solution we walk them through a Proof of Concept. We let them install dynaTrace on their own prior to the actual POC. During the POC we ask them to exercise typical use cases on their application that show performance problems. We walk them through the different analysis options and add the findings to… read more

Behind the Scenes of Serialization in Java

When building distributed applications one of the central performance-critical components is serialization. Most modern frameworks make it very easy to send data over the wire. In many cases you don’t see at all what is going on behind the scenes. Choosing the right serialization strategy however is central for achieving good performance and scalability. Serialization problems affect CPU, memory, network load and response times. Java provides us with a large… read more

Web Service Interoperabilty Issues

I’ve been working on building a .NET Client Application to consume a Java based Web Service hosted in an Equinox-based Server Application. I followed the standard procedure in Visual Studio to consume a Web Service Add Web Reference Instantiate Proxy Class in my client code Added the additional User Credential code as the Web Service requires user authentication Ran the App and was confronted with an HTTP Error 501 that… read more