Web Server

Support for WebSphere PMI monitoring

Ruxit now supports IBM WebSphere Application Server PMI metrics. You’ll find PMI metrics in the Further Details section of each WebSphere Processes details page. As of Ruxit Agent 1.95, Ruxit automatically monitors session and request metrics for all deployed applications running on IBM WebSphere. Ruxit also lists and monitors all available JDBC connection pools on your WebSphere Application Servers. Last but not least, Ruxit also monitors all WebSphere Application Server… read more

Code-level hotspots for Nginx web server

Some time ago Ruxit released code-level hotspot analysis for Apache web server. We’re happy to announce that this functionality is now also available for Nginx. With code-level hotspot analysis for Nginx you can answer questions like: Which Nginx module has the highest response time contribution? Which Nginx modules contribute to the response times of specific services and web requests? For response time analysis of both complete services… read more

How to tune Apache web server performance

Editor’s note: This is the second post in our Ruxit 7-minute workout series. Over the coming weeks we’ll share a number of such posts to help you identify valuable insights in your environment. If you’ve ever set up an Apache HTTP server you know firsthand that configuring servers for optimum performance is a cumbersome process that depends on numerous parameters. So, how do you know if your server needs… read more

Sync your Timeouts: When Load Balancers Cause Database Deadlocks

Have you seen this error message before “java.sql.Exception: ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource”? This is caused when parallel updates require locks on either rows or tables in your database. I recently ran into this exception on an instance of an IBM eCommerce Server. The first thought was that there are simply too many people hitting the same functionality that updates Sales Tax Summary information – which was… read more