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Comparing User Experience: Web, App & Mobile

With the establishment of mobile web and native mobile apps, your website isn’t the only customer touch point anymore. Mike Austin, Director of e-Commerce at RoomsToGo said it best: ”Our customers expect the same user experience throughout all our channels no matter if it is the website, mobile site or the real physical store!” So, how can you measure the user experience across the… read more

5 Steps to Improve E-Commerce Performance for Increased Sales: Users

Our client TescaraHats (name changed for commercial reasons), a European market leader in manufacturing customized hats, setup an e-commerce site in hopes to increase its market share and boost its sales. This did not happen. (...) In this episode we will see what happens when your customers come to your e-commerce site. read more

dynaTrace Browser Diagnostics now supporting Firefox 15 & 16

Compuware is updating its support for dynaTrace Browser Diagnostics and extends its Deep Dive Browser Diagnostics to include Firefox 15 & 16. The update is available for The Compuware dynaTrace Development and Test Center Team Edition (aka Compuware dynaTrace AJAX Edition Premium) and The free Compuware dynaTrace AJAX Edition Where to Download the latest version / update? Compuware APM Customers can download the updated Browser… read more

Performance Improvement is not Performance Optimization

Performance improvement is the art and science of making online applications faster, while performance optimization is the art and science of making online applications efficient. While these two concepts are very closely related, using the homepage of a high-end specialty retailer, this article will show how a focused performance optimization effort can Shrink page size by nearly 40% Reduce CSS and JavaScript files by more than 75% Decrease Hosts and… read more

Third-Party Issues and the Performance Ripple Effect

On September 10, GoDaddy, a major Internet Registry and DNS provider for millions of domain names experienced an outage that caused a substantial impact for companies and people around the globe while major online sites in the US experienced no or minimal performance impact at all from this event. How can this be? How can a major online name registry and DNS provider go offline for 4-5 hours and only… read more