web application performance

Neat code doesn’t always mean improved web app performance

Let’s face it, neat code doesn’t always mean improved web app performance. During my career I have worked with many developers who take pride in what they write but, unfortunately, focus too much on theory and forget about performance. As frameworks become increasingly advanced, developers tend to lose touch with what is happening “under the covers”. What looks like a very clean piece of code on the surface might hide… read more

JavaScript error increase in Google Chrome v48

Even the best run DevOps teams have a hard time keeping up with all the variables that can impact their applications in production. The wide array of browsers, browser versions, and operating systems makes it impractical to test all combinations. Our Customer Success team ran into a prime example of this recently. Google released a new version of Chrome last month, version 48. Following the release we’ve noticed an increase in JavaScript errors in a number… read more