New “Low datastore space” problem type for VMware monitoring

We’ve enhanced anomaly detection for VMware environments with the introduction of a new problem type called Low datastore space. This problem type is triggered whenever a datastore runs out of capacity. When datastore space gets low, virtual machines can become corrupted, which can lead to major outages. Below is an example of a Low datastore space problem card. In this example, seven instances of this problem were detected. Seven ESXi… read more

Does your Liquid Infrastructure float? Or are you sinking in what you don’t know?

With so many new web technologies available, one might assume that things are getting easier for the average Operations-minded DevOps professional, but they aren’t. In fact, things are becoming more difficult. It used to be that a little background in shell scripting and some basic knowledge of infrastructure—whether it be networking or servers—could get you a long way. Then came virtualization and the Cloud and software-defined everything. Today you find… read more

Full-stack Docker performance monitoring: From containers to applications

Docker containerization is increasingly being used in production environments. How can these environments best be monitored? Monitoring Docker containers as if they are lightweight virtual machines (i.e., monitoring the host from within the container), with all the common metrics that can be captured from an operating system, is an insufficient approach. Docker containers can’t be treated as lightweight virtual machines; they must be treated as what they are: isolated processes… read more

The Rise of the Liquid Data Center – How the Cloud, Docker and Micro Services change the game

Our industry’s perception of what a data center is and how it is provisioned has significantly changed with the adoption of cloud and virtualization technologies. What started as pure infrastructure on-demand has evolved to a powerful technology stack which we refer to as the Liquid Datacenter. The Liquid Data Center So, what is the Liquid Data Center all about? In short the Liquid Data Center is the fully virtualized software-defined… read more

Ruxit: vMotional VMware performance management

If your application is hosted on virtual infrastructure you need to monitor much more than just the user experience of your customers. This post tells you exactly what you need to do to get the full picture of the health of your virtual infrastructure. It was about 14 years ago when a guy from HP (or was it Compaq, that small spin-off they later shut down?) showed me how he… read more

APM Challenges of Operating in a Virtualized Environment

Today’s dynamic IT environments are experiencing constant changes. Virtualization and agile development driven by ever-changing business requirements are driving frequent application and infrastructure changes. This persistent change presents challenges to those charged with ensuring end-user experience. One of the downsides to virtualization is the impact it has on [application performance management (APM) solutions. As new hardware and software technology is introduced into the IT environment, IT needs to… read more