What do Velocity San Jose, UFOs and hackathons have in common?

I recently attended Velocity, in San Jose, and live blogged my reactions, highlights and takeaways from the show here. However, one conversation I had while on “booth babe” duty was worth separating out from the rest. It was a conversation I had with Greg Stark, Sr. Software Engineer at Greg tracked me down at Velocity, as he wanted to share their own Dynatrace Pipeline State… read more

Live from Velocity San Jose 2017

Velocity has transformed over the last couple of years – such as how organizations transformed their way of building, scaling and maintaining the software that powers their business. I remember the early days of Velocity where it was all about Web Performance Optimization, then it moved over to Web Scale, DevOps, Building Resilient Systems and now we arrived at this years theme which is: Building and maintaining complex… read more

Meeting Minutes from Velocity 2016

Its Velocity Time and the people who care about Performance, Continuous Delivery and DevOps are gathered in sunny Santa Clara, California. Thankful to be here I want to share my notes with our readers who don’t have the chance to experience it live. Lets dig right into it! Interview with Steve Souders himself 🙂 I got the honor to get Steve Souder, the founding father of Web Performance Optimization and the host… read more

Velocity 2015 – Highlights from Last Day

Entering the last day of Velocity. We – Andreas Grabner (@grabnerandi) and Harald Zeitlhofer (@hzeitlhofer) – continue to blog our highlights of those sessions we get to see. Here is the summary of Tutorial Day 1 and Day 2. 4:10PM: Microservices, Micro Deployments and DevOps Alois Reitbauer (@AloisReitbauer) and Martin Gutenbrunner (@MartinGoodwell) from Ruxit raising these questions to the people in the room:… read more

Velocity 2015 – Conference Highlights

Welcome from Velocity 2015 – “Live” from Santa Clara. A lot of folks that are interested in “Building resilient systems at scale” (the motto of this year’s conference) made it to the conference venue.  For those that couldn’t make it I hope you find this blog useful as a little summary on what you have missed. Obviously we – Harald Zeitlhofer (@hzeitlhofer) and Andreas… read more