User behavior

User-session search and analytics have arrived

The new User sessions search and analytics view enables you to search for specific users and analyze your user sessions across applications based on specific criteria. To access User sessions view, click the new User sessions link in the navigation menu. User sessions view (see below) displays your environment’s user distribution on a world map. It also displays your environment’s top users (based on user session count during the selected… read more

Integrated user-behavior & performance analysis views

Dynatrace is proud to present completely redesigned application overview pages. The new application pages are more compact and present a lot more information—making it unnecessary to switch between views to find the information you need. Beyond interface and navigation updates, we’ve also added some awesome new features.    The new application overview pages integrate the Performance analysis and User behavior analysis infographics and content sections into an integrated design. You can still… read more

New application and user behavior tiles

Over the past two releases we’ve introduced some new tiles and tile enhancements to assist you in customizing your Ruxit homepage. There are now nine application-related and business-relevant tiles that you can customize to access real-user metrics for your business-critical applications directly on your Ruxit homepage. The 3 most used 3rd party providers tile has some new configuration options that enable you to select from 3rd party providers, CDN, and 1st… read more

User behavior analytics now in beta!

The Ruxit team is proud to announce the beta availability of user behavior analytics for all Ruxit customers! Whether you want to see how many people are using your web application, how active your users are, the bounce rate, or the difference in performance between entry and exit actions, the new user behavior views can help you with integrated performance- and web-analytics data. Ruxit now serves as the bridge between the… read more

Behind the scenes: User behavior analytics

User behavior analytics will soon be available on each application page. Read on for a sneak peek at what you can expect from this innovative feature! Ruxit real user monitoring doesn’t only provide details regarding user actions (page visits and XHR requests). Because real user monitoring begins in the browser, it can correlate all user actions performed by an individual user over the course of their visit. We… read more