Improving Message Queue Throughput tenfold by choosing the right XML Parser

Does your application architecture include Message Queues to feed work items to backend batch processing such as “Update Product Inventory” or “Send out Notification Emails”? Message Queues work well in these use cases as they decouple your system components and allow your backend processing to asynchronously process requests. This decoupling allows the queue to grow under heavy load allowing the background job to catch up when there is less load… read more

Understanding the Impact of a Legacy Visual Basic Application

Most organizations are dealing with a diverse IT landscape today. And so does one of our customers, a large American bank, which needs to handle a 10+ year old Visual Basic 6 (VB6) application that got integrated into their modern .NET enterprise application. In this blog post I describe how we managed to get insight into their legacy applications and enabled them to manage and optimize performance. One of the… read more

Bridging the Chasm: From Collision to Connection between the Mainframe and the Distributed World

If you are an IT manager, application owner, architect or developer in a corporation leveraging a mainframe, then today is a revolutionary day: Application Performance Management is now available end-to-end for the mainframe. Read about how this will drastically change the way we manage developing, refining, testing and bug-fixing applications involving a mainframe. The Pain Are you a mainframe developer that spent hours optimizing mainframe code and still receive complaints… read more

Why Application-Centric APM is Incomplete

Ten years ago, the main goal for managers in network operations was to ensure the network was simply up and running. Today a well performing network does not guarantee that critical business applications are being successfully delivered to users. The reality for IT and operations is dealing with requests for faster, always available applications and as a consequence organizations must combine network and application performance efforts to optimize delivery of… read more

The Top Java Memory Problems – Part 2

Some time back I planned to publish a series about java memory problems. It took me longer than originally planned, but here is the second installment. In the first part I talked about the different causes for memory leaks, but memory leaks are by far not the only issue around java memory management. Edit: A portion of this article was taken from our Java enterprise performance book, which… read more

The reason I don't monitor connection pool usage

I have been working with performance sensitive applications for a long time now. As can be expected most of them have to use the database at one point or the other. So you inevitably end up having a connection pool. Now to make sure that your application is not suffering from waiting on connections you monitor the pool usage, but is that really helping? Too be honest not really… How… read more

Delivering a 360 Degree View of Web Load Testing

Gomez provides on-demand realistic load testing from browser to data center, offering the most accurate measurements of response time and end-user experience when websites are under load. dynaTrace provides problem identification down to the line of code and recorded sessions that provide all the information in one place for teams to resolve the problems. Read more to understand how Gomez 360 Degree Web Load Testing can help you. read more

Routing Out Mainframe Performance Dogs and CPU Hogs

Mainframe application and subsystem CPU consumption drives MIPS usage and MIPS usage drives mainframe hardware and software costs. If your mainframe performance is poor, that increases CPU usage – and poor performance costs money. These performance dogs and resource hogs are often overlooked areas of waste that, when identified and corrected, can put dollars back in your budget. read more