third-party services

Monitor 3rd party services as 1st class citizens

Dynatrace has long been able to capture and monitor all outgoing requests from your monitored server-side services. This includes web requests that your server-side components send out across the Internet. As there can be many of these, and most are likely not that important to you, Dynatrace collects these requests into a special service called Requests to public networks. Some of these requests are likely important to you. For example, you… read more

Service-level backtrace shows sequence of service calls

Ever wonder which services send requests to one of your back-end services? More than just knowing which service directly calls one of your services, what about the sequence of service calls that leads up to each request, all the way back up to the browser click that triggered the sequence of calls? Dynatrace service backtrace can provide you with exactly this information. Say for example that you’re analyzing a SQL… read more

Takeaways from the DoubleClick Outage

On November 12th 2014, DoubleClick started having an issue delivering Ads.  This was seen by Dynatrace’s Outage Analyzer, a Big Data application which captures millions of domain requests from tens of thousand of tests run from the Dynatrace Synthetic Network. Dynatrace Outage Analyzer showing DoubleClick event and impact The issue was seen across almost every industry vertical that… read more

Welcome to the Show of CDN Monitoring: Act 2- How and How Not to Monitor CDNs

In my first blog Act 1 – The What and Why I talked about the benefits and some risks around using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Today I will cover some details around some common misunderstandings regarding how to monitor CDNs and explain the right monitoring strategy. Which monitoring options do you have?… read more

How Internet Outages Can Affect Your Application: Outage Analyzer and the adBrite Closure

Complexity is the new reality of web and mobile applications with almost no new release going out without the addition of services and applications spread across many different companies. But the reality of this new interrelationship is still the same: If a third party internet outage or issue occurs,, your brand is the one that is affected. With up to 1,500 distinct third-party services available to choose from around the… read more

The Ripple Effect of Facebook’s Outage

Facebook recently suffered sporadic outages with some users briefly experiencing a complete outage, while others experienced hiccups with site functionality or no noticeable issues at all loading the site. The graph below (based on approximately 130,000 observations of Facebook every 2 hours as measured from the Internet backbone across than 3,000 customers) shows that the error rate was sporadic with 30- 40% during spikes. Because Facebook is larger, distributed service,… read more