Video: Digital customer experiences in the age of faceless organisations

What happens now that customer experience has shifted from something that’s easily defined and measured, into a matrix of complex measurements? How do you prioritise what experiences to measure and what role does digital performance management play in customer experience? In my keynote at Dynatrace’s Perform events in Asia Pacific, I tackled some of these challenges that make it very difficult for organisations today to create a great customer… read more

A Year Benchmarking Retail Website Performance with 7 Best Practice Resources

I’ve been tracking the global retail websites for the past year, and recently I presented the findings in a webinar on what data trends emerged. Put simply websites are slower, heavier, and more complex than ever before. But does speed still matter? You can find the recording right here. Key outtakes from a year benchmarking ecommerce/retail website performance Our attention span is now 8 seconds. Almost the same as… read more

The secret to better collaboration & better CX

Voice of Customer and web analytics platforms are important. But if you’re using a collection of those tools as a means to understand what experience your customers are having, you’re only winning half the battle. The problem with Voice of Customer (VoC) You’ve upset your customer, and now you’re asking them for feedback? Sure there is a lot to learn here but why does it have to be… read more

What Happens with 200 CDOs in a Room

I had the opportunity to attend the Chief Digital Officer Global Forum in NYC last week and was impressed by the major brands representing a very serious focus on transforming deeply and digitally to create better experiences for their customers. Not everyone there had committed to the Chief Digital Officer title yet, some flirting with it, some not into “labels” but everyone very much in a… read more

Digital Journey or Customer Journey?

A central facet of digital marketing is the customer journey. This journey takes an anonymous visitor (either online or in a physical location) to becoming an identified prospect to the purchase transaction, and then onto becoming a happy customer (who might buy more) or an unhappy one (who needs some kind of special treatment to become happy again). Simple enough – but for all you marketers out there… read more

Analyzing Online Sales Versus In-store

I was lucky enough to be a part of a webcast a few weeks ago that looked back at the 2015 holiday shopping season. “Sucharita Mulpuru (Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and leading expert on eCommerce, multichannel retail, consumer behavior, and trends in the online shopping space) provided the relevant business effects of the 2015 customer holiday shopping experience, and I looked at the technology side of… read more

Digital Disruption – 3 key takeaways for better digital experiences

I recently presented at the Digital Disruption Asia Event in Singapore.  My presentation looked at what the best and biggest digital performance leaders are doing today to transform their business; companies like REA Group and Amazon. 1) Digital service delivery has changed and with it the expectation of users. Keeping a generation of spoiled idiots happy is not easy, which means you need accurate insights into their digital experiences. We… read more

Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2015: Mobile Crushes It Again

If last year’s holiday eCommerce trinity of Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday was the tipping point for mobile, this year paid off BIG for those that bet the trend. While early indications for overall sales may be mixed, online sales were up 36% on Black Friday and up 18.1% on Cyber Monday. That’s pretty good, but the real growth came from mobile. read more

Going from Cautious Adopter to Digital Disruptor – with Ray Wang of Constellation Research [Video]

How can Cautious Adopters become Digital Disruptors? R “Ray” Wang, Founder and CEO of Constellation Research, INC and Best selling author reviews: The 4 identifying quadrants of digital disruption How to classify your own business’ state of disruption and If you are in the popular Cautious Adopter state, how to advance to the esteem Digital Disruptor status. read more

Managing search bot experience for improved SEO

We all know that appearing top of the search engine results has an important business impact. But fewer know which techniques are specifically used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google algorithm is a well-kept secret that, if made public, would immediately be optimized against. There is a plethora of documentation on the importance of keywords and links management. But less is found on the third pillar: performance as… read more