Success Stories

The many reasons that customers love Dynatrace

There are many reasons why Dynatrace is the APM market leader. Our unified digital performance monitoring platform helps more than 8,000 organizations optimize customer experience, modernize operations, and accelerate innovation across cloud and on-premises environments. We’ve even revolutionized the way that businesses manage the operational complexity of today’s highly dynamic environments with the introduction of the world’s first AI-assisted monitoring solution. It’s true that Gartner has recognized Dynatrace as a … read more

Why our customers love Dynatrace

We launched our all-in-one monitoring tool only a couple of months ago and although Ruxit is still a new player in the monitoring market, we’ve already released many useful features. Ruxit covers application performance monitoring, server monitoring, real user monitoring, network monitoring, and virtualization monitoring, and supports numerous technologies. What we’re really happy about is that we’ve helped so many of our customers address their pain points in monitoring their applications and … read more

Happily surprised by happy customers

Can a customer really be happy if they don’t use your product the way you intended? This is the story of my humbling experience with customers I never expected to be happy. I’m responsible for Customer Success at ruxit. My job involves education, support, consulting, and sometimes just being in the wrong spot at the right time. It’s all good though, because I get to see the impact of what … read more

Beyond the IPO Hype – Why we decided to become a private company again

An IPO and a billion dollar valuation sounds like your company made it. Trust me, building a company from scratch and eventually selling it for a good deal of money, feels great. However, it also changes the game completely. We became a public company and after successfully growing and evolving our vision for how we could best continue to reshape the future of application performance, we decided to come full-circle … read more

A Ruxit Success Story

The following is a response we received to one of our newsletters. If you want to share your own ruxit success story, we would love to hear about it. Enjoy! Hi Martin, there is no email address on the webpage, so your email-address from the periodic newsletter is the only one I have. I run a small software developing company with less than 10 developers in Linz/Austria. The server being monitored … read more