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Digital CX Summit – 2016 Conference Highlights

Welp, it’s been a few weeks since the Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit in Chicago, IL. If you haven’t had the chance to attend, the show is about advancing the digital customer experience sector. Topics discussed to improve CX include; journey mapping, digital integration, analytics, omni-channel strategies, personalization, design and loyalty programs. I decided this year to wait a bit on my post-event wrap up as… read more

Why Tracking in Social Might NOT Give You The CX Insight You Need

So as I am prepping for monitoring & a technical analysis of the Big Game (#SuperBowl) this weekend  I started to run into some issues using Twitter as an indicator of when sites may be failing.  Now this is really a unique situation, however I imagine that trying to use keywords in social media as strategy to monitor #CX and #UX is more common than we think. We’ve seen… read more