service flow

Request attributes: Simplify request searches & filtering

Dynatrace tracks all requests from end-to-end and automatically monitors the services that underly each transaction. The performance and attributes of each request can be analyzed in detail. You can even create custom, multi-faceted filters that enable you to analyze call sequences from multiple angles. With such advanced request filtering, Dynatrace enables you to slice and dice your way through your requests to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack.” Until … read more

Enhanced filtering for Service flow and response time analysis

Modern web applications typically feature complex service architectures that can process millions of different types of requests. With each unique request behaving slightly differently and triggering a slightly varied service flow, it can be a real challenge to analyze the performance and behavior of individual requests. The latest filtering enhancements on all Dynatrace service-analysis pages help you navigate the complexity of your application’s service architecture—enabling you to find the proverbial needle … read more

Service flow now includes applications and user actions!

Earlier this year, we introduced Service flow view to visualize service requests from end-to-end, making it possible for you to see the sequences of service calls that result from each individual web request. While valuable, Service flow view lacked the ability to correlate its insights with the applications and user actions that initially trigger these sequences. We’ve now enhanced Service flow so that its insights are presented within the context … read more

Outlier Analysis – The power of tracking every single transaction

Part of the secret sauce of Dynatrace Ruxit is that it captures each transaction end-to-end. All requests within each transaction are tracked, beginning at the browser and extending through all services, all the way down to the code and database level. This approach to performance monitoring is reflected throughout Dynatrace Ruxit, though it’s most prominent in service flow and service backtrace. The service flow example below shows how a service’s … read more