What you should know about the Gartner APM Magic Quadrant as a Digital Marketer

In December, Gartner released its Magic Quadrant report for Application Performance Monitoring and as a Marketer, you probably didn’t hear about it. If you care at all about maintaining or measuring your customer experiences, it’s high time this report got some love outside of its traditional IT-based readership. Who is Gartner? Let’s start at the top. Gartner is an analyst firm fairly well respected… read more

Help! 70% of our data center traffic caused by Search Engine Robots!

I recently began research on Search Engine Optimization to further understand what we can learn from Performance Monitoring solutions. As an IT nerd, I started the investigation on the technical side of the house, speaking with operators and CTO’s about robots. Interestingly, all of them expressed the same concern: “They are an issue! We run more than half of our data center for them!” At first I found this… read more

Managing search bot experience for improved SEO

We all know that appearing top of the search engine results has an important business impact. But fewer know which techniques are specifically used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google algorithm is a well-kept secret that, if made public, would immediately be optimized against. There is a plethora of documentation on the importance of keywords and links management. But less is found on the third pillar: performance as… read more

Search Engine Optimization: Lessons learned from Performance Monitoring solutions – Part 1

Content quality, mobile readiness and site performance are the three key pillars of search engine ranking. I want to examine the performance impact here since it is easy to measure and Google is really supports it. Google is even experimenting with a “Red Slow Label” to warn users about bad performing sites.  But have you, the search engine optimization (SEO) folks, or anyone in your organization, ever looked at… read more

Content Debt: Underestimated User Experience & SEO Impact

In recent weeks I ran across several instances of “Content Debt”. What is content debt? Like technical debt, content debt slows our content management systems down and impacts our end users in the event we do not follow common best practices and not constantly monitoring for outdated content on our web sites. The most recent example of content debt I encountered was actually from the STPCon Web Site (I love STPCon – but unfortunately… read more