New permissions limit capture & viewing of sensitive data

Not all data is created equal. Sensitive customer data must be protected and kept confidential at all times. This is why your organization must do everything it can to limit the capture and viewing of your customers’ private information. New permissions added To help you in this effort, we’ve added two new permissions to Dynatrace SaaS/Managed (version 118) permissions management. Configure capture of sensitive data View sensitive request data What is sensitive… read more

Dynatrace Managed feature update – Version 104

Dynatrace Managed customers only Following the release of Dynatrace Managed version 104, here’s a quick update of the new features and improvements we’ve introduced. Resend Community invitations to your users By default, new users logging into Dynatrace Managed for the first time receive emailed invitations to join the Dynatrace Community. Users are encouraged to click a link in the email and set up their Community account. For those instances where… read more

How to do Security Testing with Business Transactions – Guest Blog by Lucy Monahan from Novell

Lucy Monahan is a Principal Performance QA Engineer at Novell, and helps to manage their distributed Agile process. One of the most important features of an application is to provide adequate security and protect secrets held within. Business Transactions used with Continuous Integration, Unit-, Feature- and Negative Testing specialized for security can detect known security vulnerabilities before your product goes to market. Catch Secrets Written to… read more