Beta availability of PHP 7 support

With the release of Ruxit Agent v1.97, Ruxit now provides the same level of support for PHP 7 that has to date been available for PHP 5, including full visibility into the code level, databases, and web requests of your PHP 7 application environment. To enable PHP 7 support Update Ruxit Agent to v1.97 (or higher). Go to Settings > Monitored technologies and set the PHP 7 switch to the On position. Wait a few… read more

Announcing Dynatrace log analytics!

Ever wonder why you can’t monitor application performance and analyze related process log files using the same tool? Dynatrace Ruxit now makes this possible! Dynatrace Ruxit log analytics saves you time We’re proud to introduce some seriously hot new functionality: Dynatrace Ruxit log analytics. This exciting free addition to Dynatrace Ruxit analytics extends your monitoring reach well beyond traditional APM data sources. Log analytics helps DevOps, Development, and QA teams perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. With Dynatrace Ruxit… read more