Performance monitoring with certified ServiceNow integration

The Dynatrace-to-ServiceNow integration is the perfect way to seamlessly report IT-service related problems into your organization’s ITIL process. By integrating Dynatrace state-of-the-art full-stack performance monitoring with your ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB), you get increased accuracy and avoid the time-consuming effort of manually mapping your entire system environment. Keeping your configuration management database (CMDB) up to date typically means manually updating your system structure on a regular basis. This… read more

Traffic spikes & drops now separately detectable

Over the past weeks, we’ve received a lot of feedback about our detection of abnormal traffic spikes and drops. While an unexpected drop in traffic may indicate a potential application outage (see blog post about potential application outages), abnormal traffic spikes—while interesting—typically aren’t mission-critical issues that require immediate attention. In order to reduce the noise of non-mission critical problems related to traffic spikes, we’ve split the detection of traffic spikes and… read more