Ruxit API

Introducing the Topology and Smartscape API

One of the most outstanding Dynatrace benefits is the ability to view your entire environment within Smartscape, our real-time environment-topology visualization tool. An enhancement to our existing API now enables API consumers to query the details of the relationships between the applications, services, and hosts within an environment. Smartscape delivers a quick and efficient overview of all topological dependencies on the vertical axis while showing all ingoing/outgoing call relationships on… read more

Improved security for Dynatrace API keys

The Ruxit API has grown over the last month to enable you to quickly integrate with all Ruxit full-stack monitoring capabilities. As we continue to develop the API over the coming months, we will ensure that your key tokens remain secure. To this end, the redesigned API key list (see below) now hides all keys by default. Also, the list now shows you who the owner of each key is… read more

Dynatrace newsletter: Enhanced PHP monitoring and liquid-infrastructure webinar!

Welcome to the March issue of the Dynatrace Ruxit newsletter! We have some exciting news to share with you, including an improved feature set of our PHP deep monitoring and an upcoming webinar that delves into the challenges of liquid-infrastructure monitoring! Introducing a new and improved feature set for PHP deep monitoring! Following a successful early-access program, Dynatrace Ruxit is proud to announce new enhanced PHP deep monitoring capabilities!… read more

Introducing Dynatrace artificial intelligence API

Many of us here at Dynatrace Ruxit are geeks who love playing with technology. We’re also big fans of movies. So, with all the recent attention paid to AI and intelligent messaging-based personal assistants in movies, we decided it was time for us to do some AI innovation of our own using the versatile messaging-integration options provided by Ruxit. Using AI to make DevOps tasks simpler A key driver in designing… read more

Integrate monitoring insights via Dynatrace API

With the new Ruxit API, you can access Ruxit availability monitoring via a simple HTTP REST interface. Monitoring data can then easily be shared and repurposed in numerous ways. Ruxit analyzes the performance of your application environment in real time to identify slow response times, errors, and other customer-facing issues. To achieve this, Ruxit continuously compares the normal performance and behavior of your applications to the current, performance and behavior of… read more

Dynatrace API enables pull of real-time data

Ruxit collects and evaluates a tremendous amount of data related to your monitored environment. The data include many important metrics that span all the way across datacenters and all the way down to individual service- and application methods. The new Ruxit API enables your developers to pull real-time data directly from Ruxit. Although we strive to offer the right metric chart for every case case you might encounter, and allow you to build customized dashboards, you may still face a requirement to integrate… read more