Push Notifications

Efficiently filter problem notifications with alerting profiles

The latest Dynatrace release introduces an important change in the way that notifications are sent out for detected problems in your environment. To date, personalized watch settings have been used to define how alerts are sent out for detected problems. This approach has proven to be cumbersome within large environments. Also, watch settings can’t account for important factors of detected problems, such as severity levels and tag-based filters. Alerting profiles… read more

Problem notifications for Windows Phone

Ruxit mobile apps are the recommended option for receiving real-time push notifications when problems are detected in your environment. Ruxit now offers a native Windows Phone app that’s ideal for receiving problem notifications in real time. The Ruxit Windows Phone app supports Windows versions 8.1 and higher and will run on the upcoming Windows 10 phone. Our native Windows Phone app offers all the same functionality as our native apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Ruxit native mobile… read more