PurePath Technology

PurePaths now available for Dynatrace SaaS/Managed!

PurePath technology has always been at the heart of what we do at Dynatrace, since our earliest days. PurePath technology is now once again taking center stage, this time as a key benefit of the new Dynatrace platform (both SaaS and Managed offerings). PurePaths can now be accessed in a variety of ways in conjunction with the advanced analytics features that you’ve come to know and love: Service flow, backtraces,… read more

Automatic Problem Detection with Dynatrace

Can you imagine automatic problem detection being a reality?! What would it take to make it possible, practical and functional? Over the years we at Dynatrace have seen a lot of PurePaths being captured in small to very large applications showing why new deployments simply fail to deliver the expected user experience, scalability or performance. Since I started my Share Your PurePath Program a little over a year ago I received about 250… read more

Neat code doesn’t always mean improved web app performance

Let’s face it, neat code doesn’t always mean improved web app performance. During my career I have worked with many developers who take pride in what they write but, unfortunately, focus too much on theory and forget about performance. As frameworks become increasingly advanced, developers tend to lose touch with what is happening “under the covers”. What looks like a very clean piece of code on the surface might hide… read more

5 Steps to Improve E-Commerce Performance for Increased Sales: Backend Performance

In the previous post we presented problems encountered by our client TescaraHats (name changed for commercial reasons), a European market leader in manufacturing customized hats. (...) We argued that while improving search engine ranking is important, you should never forget about the performance and usability in an e-commerce application. In this episode of our e-commerce performance series, we will analyze the impact that the backend performance has on your online sales. read more

Delivering a 360 Degree View of Web Load Testing

Gomez provides on-demand realistic load testing from browser to data center, offering the most accurate measurements of response time and end-user experience when websites are under load. dynaTrace provides problem identification down to the line of code and recorded sessions that provide all the information in one place for teams to resolve the problems. Read more to understand how Gomez 360 Degree Web Load Testing can help you. read more