PHP errors

Beta availability of PHP 7 support

With the release of Ruxit Agent v1.97, Ruxit now provides the same level of support for PHP 7 that has to date been available for PHP 5, including full visibility into the code level, databases, and web requests of your PHP 7 application environment. To enable PHP 7 support Update Ruxit Agent to v1.97 (or higher). Go to Settings > Monitored technologies and set the PHP 7 switch to the On position. Wait a few… read more

Code-level error analysis for PHP

Beginning with Agent v1.85, Ruxit offers code-level visibility for PHP deep-monitoring support. We’ve now additionally added code-level error visibility for PHP monitoring. To view PHP code-level errors: Click the Services tile on your Ruxit homepage. Select any web-request service that has PHP deep monitoring enabled. If you see a Failure rate for the service or any of its web requests, click the Failure rate tab.  Click into the timeline chart… read more