Outage Analyzer

How Internet Outages Can Affect Your Application: Outage Analyzer and the adBrite Closure

Complexity is the new reality of web and mobile applications with almost no new release going out without the addition of services and applications spread across many different companies. But the reality of this new interrelationship is still the same: If a third party internet outage or issue occurs,, your brand is the one that is affected. With up to 1,500 distinct third-party services available to choose from around the… read more

Website’s Vulnerability to Third-Party Services Exposed

While preparing for a presentation at the Internet Summit in Raleigh this week, I was able to look at some unique data from a new free online service we recently launched called Outage Analyzer. Outage Analyzer showcases the value of “Big Data” performance analytics delivering answers instead of just more data with real-time visualizations and alerts of outages in third-party web services. Outage Analyzer harnesses the collective intelligence of… read more