Even for Spider Man, There’s More Than Just Web

An orphan, raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben…we all know the story of Peter Parker. A bright young scientist bitten by a radioactive (and genetically modified…depending on if you’re a book or a movie kind of person) spider. Spider-Man, or simply “Spidey” to his friends, was born. Superhuman strength, ability to climb walls, web shooting, and of course, his “spidey-sense” made him a superhero favorite.  Perhaps… read more

Announcing immediate availability of Java 9 support

Oracle has finally released its long-anticipated Java 9 release, this includes the opensource OpenJDK. Because we at Dynatrace strive to remain at the forefront of technical innovation, we’ve been working on our Dynatrace Java 9 support for some time now. Because of this, we can proudly announce the immediate availability of Java 9 support in the latest version of Dynatrace OneAgent, v1.129! Java 9 features… read more

Hunting an Oracle JDBC Memory Leak Crashing an 80JVM WebSphere Cluster

Are you prematurely restarting JVMs to keep them from running out of memory? Or have you received the recommendation from your application experts to just “increase the Java Heap Space?” The following memory chart shows the memory consumption of 10 JVMs (4.1GB Heap each) per Host on an 8 machine cluster. The JVMs kept running out of memory, crashing with Out Of Memory Exceptions and sometimes even bringing the whole… read more

How to Monitor Oracle Database Performance

An Oracle database provides several v$ views to query information about the database instance, including statistical information that can be used for monitoring and problem analysis purposes. Rene Nyffenegger wrote a nice Summary on Oracle’s v$ views that gives an overview of all available views. The following illustration shows a dashboard with key metrics that we pull out from an Oracle database when doing performance management with our… read more