Enhanced MongoDB monitoring (beta)

We’re happy to announce the beta availability of enhanced Ruxit MongoDB monitoring. MongoDB monitoring provides you with a good understanding of your MongoDB performance and its impact on your applications. Viewing MongoDB monitoring metrics Captured MongoDB metrics are displayed on MongoDB Process pages. Click the infographic, or click the MongoDB metrics and Further details tabs to view metric details. Collected metrics Metric Description Current connections Reflects number of incoming connections from clients to the… read more

How to achieve outstanding performance with MongoDB monitoring

The saying “Databases are easy to get started with but hard to master” is as valid today as it’s ever been. MongoDB monitoring done right is key to success as it allows you to get answers for the most important questions, like load characteristics and distribution. Although MongoDB comes pretty much ready-to-run out-of-the-box, the challenges in mastering MongoDB are no different than that of any other database product. The firsts step… read more

Introducing MongoDB support for Node.js

For a while now Dynatrace Ruxit has offered MongoDB support for Java. Now we’re introducing MongoDB support for Node.js. Dynatrace Ruxit tracks and captures all executed MongoDB statements, including the number of retrieved rows and errors. As with all databases, Dynatrace Ruxit also identifies the processes that host MongoDB services. Learn more about Node.js monitoring and MongoDB monitoring. read more

Newsletter: MongoDB, JMS and RabbitMQ

Hello everyone! The ruxit team has been working hard to make your #monitoringlife even more comfortable. We’re happy to announce monitoring support for MongoDB and Java messaging services. Track your MongoDB connections MongoDB is a popular cross-platform, document-oriented database that is designed for high availability and automatic scaling. ruxit now supports tracking and inspection of all MongoDB statements from your… read more

Introducing MongoDB support for Java

Ruxit is introducing support for another popular database: MongoDB. At this point it works for Java but we will extend that support to other languages in the future. Ruxit tracks MongoDB specific statements over time and captures all executed MongoDB statements, including the number of retrieved rows and errors. Our support for MongoDB is on par with JDBC databases. Just like regular databases Ruxit also identifies the… read more