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Microservices: When Micro becomes Nano

We have all experienced the excitement of bringing a new technology or architectural pattern — like microservices — on the design table: “It is really powerful and exactly what we need to meet our challenges, so let’s start implementing it!” I feel the same way about microservices! It has a lot of potential and already has changed the way we think about development, automated testing and operations. However, introducing a new… read more

Integrated Load Test Analysis: Using Dynatrace Web Load Test and PureStack Technology

Andreas Grabner described how he used the Dynatrace PureStack technology to identify the server-side performance issues during a recent load test run against the Dynatrace Community Portal, a production application used by our customers. He was able to quickly identify the CPU bottleneck that caused the performance degradation in the server environment, leading to an almost immediate resolution of the issue. read more

5 Steps to Improve E-Commerce Performance for Increased Sales: Network Performance

This is the third episode of the mini-series on e-commerce performance management. Our client TescaraHats (name changed for commercial reasons), a European market leader in manufacturing customized hats, did not achieve the expected sales increase with its new e-commerce site. It offered its customers the ability to customize and order hats online instead of visiting its brick and mortar locations, but customers seemed disinterested. TescaraHats learned quickly that there is much more to an e-commerce platform than simply putting an e-commerce service online. In previous posts we showed that increasing page rank is not the only way to boost sales and that checking and improving backend performance of your e-commerce is also critical. In this episode we show why it you should not keep network load and HTTP errors in check. read more

Are We Under A DDoS Attack?

Ensuring reliability and security of the IT infrastructure at a bank is not an easy task. It gets harder when the bank is very popular, with many branches spread across the country. The potential sources that can affect the end user experience (EUE) range from the internal infrastructure and the internal banking application through various ISPs implementing access for bank branches and end users of the e-banking solution. read more

Advance Planning for Your Holiday Load Testing

It’s September which means its crunch time for holiday website traffic planning.  I thought I’d take a moment or two to suggest some areas to focus on if you’re still preparing your website for the upcoming holiday season. This is the first post in a series of three that looks to provide some insight and web load testing best practices in preparation for the busy online holiday season. This first post… read more

Web Application Testing Challenges

We recently participated in the STAR EAST conference in Florida and conducted a survey of the software test professionals in attendance to find out how they test web applications and what challenges they face. The results were interesting – we learned that many testers are using tools that are not able to meet their testing challenges. Key highlights from the survey include: Most testers surveyed use QA performance tools… read more

Web Load Test Ramping Best Practices: PART 2

In part one, I discussed the importance of understanding the benefits ramping load can have on web load test results. In this post, I’ll discuss best practices for determining how long to ramp at the beginning of a web load test. The general the rule of thumb for load test ramping is the slower the ramp the better.  Of course, given time and cost restraints, the goal of most… read more