Beyond Persistence – How to Exploit Your Database for Better Performance

This post is contributed by Asad Ali – Enablement Services Consultant at dynaTrace. Based on his experience with numerous customers he describes how to optimize the data access layer of applications by “violating” a paradigm that is often referred to as a golden rule for designing applications. Before the advent of the 3-tier architecture, client server technology was prevalent. In the client-server architecture, the databases played an important role… read more

Week 38 – Transactions in a JPA World

The use of transactions is a cornerstone when building database applications. However in our daily work, we often do not really care much about them. In many cases they are handled implicitly for us by the (J EE) container or application framework – such as Spring – we are using. We rely on these frameworks to do a lot of the heaving lifting around transactions. At a pure JPA level… read more