Customer complaint resolution in today’s digital multi-channel world!

I have seen many companies struggle to find out what issues may be driving customer complaints when they come in to a support or service center, and today’s digital multi-channel strategies do not make it easier. With customer complaints, the following question always surfaces: Is the complaint because of a technical issues or is it something else? To get visibility into technical issues many companies have tried web session recording … read more

JavaScript error increase in Google Chrome v48

Even the best run DevOps teams have a hard time keeping up with all the variables that can impact their applications in production. The wide array of browsers, browser versions, and operating systems makes it impractical to test all combinations. Our Customer Success team ran into a prime example of this recently. Google released a new version of Chrome last month, version 48. Following the release we’ve noticed an increase in JavaScript errors in a number … read more

How to track down CPU issues in Node.js

A running application is represented through some state stored in memory and calculations carried out by the CPU. Typically performance problems materialize in these two areas. In my last post I’ve explained garbage collection and how to hunt down memory problems in Node.js. In this blog post I’ll cover the CPU aspects of Node.js including the event loop and how to track down tasks that consume too much CPU time … read more

What you need to know about Node.js 4.0.0

Now – that Node.js 4.0.0 was officially released – you may wonder what it delivers to you and if you should upgrade right away, or not. This post covers the most important changes you need to know and some key implications you may have to take into account in making your decision. … read more

Why Node.js is hitting the big time in Enterprise Markets

Seasoned developers know that every few months a new “game changing” technology comes up just to pass into oblivion soon after. In my new role as technology strategist at Dynatrace I’m often asked why I think that this isn’t the case for Node.js. In this post I will explain why Node is different and how it is already used by enterprises. … read more

Is the FIFA World Cup Website Ready for the Tournament?

Sparked by the FIFA Mobile App Crash Analysis Klaus did, I wondered if soccer fans using their mobile or desktop browsers will have a better user experience to follow their favorite teams through the tournament. Back in 2010 I did one of my first Web Performance Analysis blogs on FIFA’s website using the dynaTrace Ajax Edition. Looking at the Page Load Time for the desktop version, we learnt that it … read more

5 Steps to Improve E-Commerce Performance for Increased Sales: Network Performance

This is the third episode of the mini-series on e-commerce performance management. Our client TescaraHats (name changed for commercial reasons), a European market leader in manufacturing customized hats, did not achieve the expected sales increase with its new e-commerce site. It offered its customers the ability to customize and order hats online instead of visiting its brick and mortar locations, but customers seemed disinterested. TescaraHats learned quickly that there is much more to an e-commerce platform than simply putting an e-commerce service online.
In previous posts we showed that increasing page rank is not the only way to boost sales and that checking and improving backend performance of your e-commerce is also critical. In this episode we show why it you should not keep network load and HTTP errors in check. … read more

dynaTrace Browser Diagnostics now supporting Firefox 15 & 16

Compuware is updating its support for dynaTrace Browser Diagnostics and extends its Deep Dive Browser Diagnostics to include Firefox 15 & 16. The update is available for The Compuware dynaTrace Development and Test Center Team Edition (aka Compuware dynaTrace AJAX Edition Premium) and The free Compuware dynaTrace AJAX Edition Where to Download the latest version / update? Compuware APM Customers can download the updated Browser Agents from the Product Download site … read more

Fact Finders: Sorting out the truth in Real User Monitoring

On my recent visits to Velocity, WebPerfDay and Apps World in London, Real User Monitoring (RUM) was the hot topic. That triggered my thinking about the differences between vendors. They all promise the same for a varying range of prices – from free to couple thousand US Dollars. What I found out is that there IS a big difference and – depending on what you want to do with RUM … read more

dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3.7

The new release of dynaTrace AJAX Edition provides support for the Firefox 12 & 13 browser enabling you to test the performance of your websites with the latest available Browsers from Mozilla and Microsoft. AJAX Edition 3.7 now supports Firefox 12, 13 and Internet Explorer 8, 9. To help you prepare for the future we added Internet Explorer 10 (developer preview). If you also manage the performance of legacy browsers … read more

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