Microsoft not following Best Practices slows down Firefox on Outlook Web Access

From time to time I access my work emails through Outlook Web Access (OWA) – which works really great on all browsers I run on my laptop (IE, FF, Chrome). Guessing that Microsoft probably optimized OWA for its own browser I thought that I will definitely find JavaScript code that doesn’t execute that well on Firefox as compared to Internet Explorer. From an end users perspective there seems to be… read more

Application Performance and Architectural Problems You can Find in One Hour

When we get engaged with prospects that are interested in our performance management solution we walk them through a Proof of Concept. We let them install dynaTrace on their own prior to the actual POC. During the POC we ask them to exercise typical use cases on their application that show performance problems. We walk them through the different analysis options and add the findings to… read more

Behind the Scenes of Serialization in Java

When building distributed applications one of the central performance-critical components is serialization. Most modern frameworks make it very easy to send data over the wire. In many cases you don’t see at all what is going on behind the scenes. Choosing the right serialization strategy however is central for achieving good performance and scalability. Serialization problems affect CPU, memory, network load and response times. Java provides us with a large… read more

VS2010 Load Testing for Distributed and Heterogeneous Applications powered by dynaTrace

Visual Studio 2010 is almost here – Microsoft just released the first Release Candidate which looks pretty solid and good. Microsoft added new interfaces for performance management solutions like dynaTrace to extend the Web- and Load-Testing capabilities (check out Ed Glas’s blog on what’s in VSTS Load Testing) to go beyond .NET environments and deeper than what Load Testing Reports tell you… read more

Lessons learned from getting .NET to REST with Java

On a recent project I had to call Java REST services from a .NET Client. Several problems came up – ranging from authentication to hidden performance issues. I want to share my lessons learned and encourage you to share your own opinions and experiences on this topic. The Context: REST to automate analysis processes in Continuous Integration Let’s start by giving you some context on my… read more

Interoperability is more than just talking with each other

Microsoft and Sun recently announced their Open Source Project Stonehenge at the JavaOne conference. Stonehenge is a reference implementation that shows how to bridge the two major development platforms Java and .NET using Web Services. This initiative definitely puts the spotlight on heterogeneity and the challenges that come with it. Interoperability on the platform level is just the starting point of… read more