Lessons for Building and Monitoring Scalable ASP.NET Services!

Handling requests from Web Server (IIS) to Application Server (ASP.NET) can lead to performance and scalability issues. Often caused by misconfiguration — not scaling IIS and ASP.NET modules or custom code built without fully understanding what IIS & ASP.NET are executing behind the scenes — when handling requests. While this is not a new problem, it is a problem that software architects or lead developers often ignore. They ignore… read more

Simplification of IIS .NET services

When monitoring a .NET web application hosted by an IIS, Ruxit showed you both the IIS service and the .NET service as separate services. We’ve now introduced a more stream-lined approach to monitoring .NET apps that are hosted on an IIS web server. Historically you would see IIS and ASP.NET separately: The previous approach to monitoring .NET web apps was somewhat inconvenient. For example an IIS… read more