Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 – Download the dynaTrace Add-On today!

Microsoft released the next version of it’s Development IDE Visual Studio 2010. In fact – VS2010 is more than just an IDE to write applications. It also became a testing solution with the built-in Web-, Load- and functional testing capabilities. In a recent blog post and in a recent MSDN Webinar I demonstrated the capabilities of VS2010 Ultimate and how dynaTrace extends… read more

MSDN Webcast Elevating Load Testing with dynaTrace and VS2010 Ultimate on March 31st

I recently blogged about the Load Testing Capabilities of Visual Studio 2010 and the new extension interfaces that we from dynaTrace use to extend VS2010 Web- and Load-Testing to go beyond .NET and standard load-testing reports: VS2010 Load Testing for Distributed and Heterogeneous Applications powered by dynaTrace. Next week I am going to do a Webcast hosted by MSDN to show how dynaTrace enables users of… read more

VS2010 Load Testing for Distributed and Heterogeneous Applications powered by dynaTrace

Visual Studio 2010 is almost here – Microsoft just released the first Release Candidate which looks pretty solid and good. Microsoft added new interfaces for performance management solutions like dynaTrace to extend the Web- and Load-Testing capabilities (check out Ed Glas’s blog on what’s in VSTS Load Testing) to go beyond .NET environments and deeper than what Load Testing Reports tell you… read more

Randomizing Input Data for Visual Studio Load Tests

While preparing for my presentation Load and Performance Testing: How to do Transactional Root-Cause Analysis with Visual Studio Team System for Testers that I gave at the Boston .NET User Group on May 13th I came across certain load-testing topics. One was: How to randomize Input Data. If you go with Visual Studio you can code your web tests in any .NET Language giving you the freedom to… read more

How to extend Visual Studio 2010 Web- and Load-Testing with Transactional Tracing

Microsoft recently published the first official beta build of Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio Team System for Testers has some nice improvements on their testing features. Additionally to new features – Microsoft also opened their extension points. One new interface that I am using to integrate dynaTrace into Visual Studio is the LoadTestPackageExt object and the ability to add new tabs to the WebTestResultViewer. Providing your own tab… read more

Extending Visual Studio Unit Testing with Transactional Tracing

In my previous blog entry I wrote about how to extend Visual Studio in order to get transactional tracing for the applications that I develop in my Visual Studio Solution. This could be a console application, a WinForms or WPF Rich Client Application, an ASP.NET Web Application or a SharePoint Extension (WebPart, Custom List, …) What about Unit Testing? Visual… read more

Extending Visual Studio with Transactional Tracing

Visual Studio is the number one development environment for Microsoft technologies and that is especially true for .NET based applications. When developing an application – building it on top of frameworks like ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WPF or SharePoint – it is always great to have the ability to debug through your code in order to find out what is actually going on at runtime.ASP.NET Page Lifecycle methods for… read more