Holiday 2012

Last Week Before Christmas – What's your Performance Resolution for 2013?

As we move into the final weekend of the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season, most online retailers will be looking back on this year and counting it as the most successful holiday season on record. comScore reports that the week of December 10-16 saw over $7 billion in revenue, bringing the total online spending to over… read more

Free Shipping Day – Another Day of Performance Calm

Monday December 17 was Free Shipping Day, the last of the specially marketed “days” prior to the arrival of Christmas next Tuesday. With a special site and marketing aimed at getting the last-minute shoppers back online and shopping just one more time, retailers hope that this will give them the final revenue burst they need to make the holiday season a success. Despite the marketing, traffic volumes from the Compuware… read more

Nothing was stirring – Performance for Week 3, Holiday Shopping 2012

As with the previous two weeks, there has been no bad or unfortunate news for the web and mobile performance of US retailers. Even on Green Monday, this week’s named shopping event, performance remained consistent and allowed eCommerce spending to reach $1.275 billion according to comScore, up 13% over the same day… read more

On the second week of shopping, Performance is still quite good…

The 2012 online shopping season continues to be a busy one for merchants. Compuware traffic figures indicate visitor volume is up over the pre-Thanksgiving period and comScore is reporting revenues at over $21 billion for the November 1 – December 2 2012 time period. One interesting performance event did occur in the last 48 hours – a primary provider of OCSP information (requests that ensure a site’s security certificate is… read more

Holiday 2012 – In the first week of the season, my site performance was…

It’s been a busy and successful 7 days for online retailers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic and sales were well above 2011, and there was the extra benefit to those businesses that started deals on Thanksgiving Night. The traffic data collected by the Compuware Ecommerce and Retail Real use Monitoring index matched almost exactly the pattern seen by Akamai… read more

Cyber Monday Wrap-up: The Power of Positive Performance

When compared to an already busy weekend, Cyber Monday was big this year. This is reflected by an increase in traffic to sites monitored for the Compuware Ecommerce and Retail Real User Measurement Index on Cyber Monday, with traffic volumes that were up 75% over Thanksgiving Day and 30% over Black Friday. To accompany this traffic boom, analysts are already stating that Cyber Monday sales were up 24% over 2011,… read more

Midday Cyber Monday – The Bad Taste of Third Party Performance

Based on comments from top Cyber Monday watchers, it’s likely to be one of the busiest online sales days of 2012. However, its continuing relevance may be fading in a world of readily available broadband and mobile Internet access. While it may not be as strong a force in today’s online commerce world, statistics show that it still attracts a lot of attention, driven in measure by the pursuit of… read more

Thanksgiving Weekend Analysis – Big Online Sales, but No Performance Surprises

It is clear that for online commerce, this season is starting off very well, with comScore analysis stating that Black Friday sales topped $1B for the first time. This near-explosive start to the holiday shopping season has analysts somewhat unsure if this indicates a positive start to a successful season or just an initial rush leading into a normal shopping season. One of the key indicators we are watching is… read more

Black Friday 5:00 PM – Busy But Uneventful – A Day Without Performance Drama

By all accounts, Black Friday was as successful as online retailers hoped, with purchases up by 20% over 2011 according to data from IBM. Even with an increase in online sales and visits, Black Friday was remarkably quiet from a performance perspective, with only a few scattered and minor outages. Response times did spike for some retailers, but, as we have been noting all day, this was driven far more… read more