Stop Technical Debt: 3 Use Cases – NHibernate, Microservices and Frameworks

Technical Debt is what slows you down in bringing new features to your end users. Why? Because you spend time firefighting and fixing old code instead of innovating. However, rather than getting better and faster in at fixing problems, I suggest we start preventing problems by leveling-up our sense of quality! How? By learning from others to avoid the same mistakes! 3 Use Cases from our Community In this blog… read more

Hands-On Tutorial: 5 Steps to Identify Java and .NET Memory Leaks

I keep getting questions about how to best analyze memory leaks – especially when they are not always reproducible by the developer on the local workstation. If you never experienced a memory leak issue (or you simply don’t admit it) then read up on some real life examples on our blog: Fixing Memory Leak in Java Production Environment or DevOps way to solving Memory Issues. If you want… read more

Data Driven Performance Problems are Not Always Related to Hibernate

Update Jan 21, 2016: You can now test all this on your own application FOR FREE – FOR LIFE. Get your Dynatrace Personal License and Watch our YouTube Tutorials Data-driven performance problems are not new. But most of the time it’s related to too much data queried from the database. O/R mappers like Hibernate have been a very good source for problem pattern blog posts in the past. read more

Beyond Persistence – How to Exploit Your Database for Better Performance

This post is contributed by Asad Ali – Enablement Services Consultant at dynaTrace. Based on his experience with numerous customers he describes how to optimize the data access layer of applications by “violating” a paradigm that is often referred to as a golden rule for designing applications. Before the advent of the 3-tier architecture, client server technology was prevalent. In the client-server architecture, the databases played an important role… read more

Week 38 – Transactions in a JPA World

The use of transactions is a cornerstone when building database applications. However in our daily work, we often do not really care much about them. In many cases they are handled implicitly for us by the (J EE) container or application framework – such as Spring – we are using. We rely on these frameworks to do a lot of the heaving lifting around transactions. At a pure JPA level… read more

JPA Under The Hood – Understanding the Dynamics of Your JPA Framework

I recently gave a talks on the behaviour of different JPA frameworks at W-JAX(Germany) and TheServerSide Java Symposium (Prague). As some people have asked me, I am publishing the samples as well. I would also give away the eclipse project, however with all the third party libraries I am sure I will end up not doing it legally correct. Additionally I… read more

Video on Common Performance Antipatterns online

Parleys – Common Performance Antipatterns Last year at devoxx I gave a talk on common pitfalls in performance management. Parleys has now put the talk online. A couple of people have been asking to get slides. Now you can even get the voice and the slides. In this presentation I give an overview of typical performance… read more

Understanding Caching in Hibernate – Part One : The Session Cache

Update Jan 21, 2016: You can now test all this on your own application FOR FREE – FOR LIFE. Get your Dynatrace Personal License and Watch our YouTube Tutorials Hibernate offers caching functionality which is designed to reduces the amount of necessary database access.  This is a very powerful feature if used correctly. However I have seen a lot of cases and… read more